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In 1983, Dominic completed a year and a half of intensive study at the Maine Photographic Workshops, one of the country's most prestigious photography schools. Subsequently, he completed a BFA in photography at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. His professional career began with the establishment of a professional photography studio shared with his partner and wife, Melissa Schelling. Referred to as "People the Pros Recommend" by Washingtonian magazine in 1990, the studio flourished until the move to Hawaii in 1996, at which time Dominic took up painting full-time. The influence of Dominic's photography on his painting is plain to see, and it forms an integral aspect of his art to this day.

Gallery 1 ~ Skies. Dynamic optical phenomena, light and atmospere.

Gallery 2 ~ Mauna Kea, and the mountains of Hawaii.

Gallery 3 ~ Coming soon. Volcanos - from Africa to the Caribbean.

Gallery 4 ~ Coming soon. Ancient standing stones of Great Britain, using a traditional 19th century photographic process. Subject of a 2 person show at the Tartt gallery in Washington DC in 1988.
Gallery 5 ~ Coming soon. Large format black and white landscapes.

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