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In 1988, after completing a BFA at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC, Dominic established a professional photography studio along with his wife, Melissa Schelling. Then in 1992 he took up painting, and his work grew directly from his already well defined photographic style (see Photography). From design and composition, to color, texture and tonality, the progression was a natural development in his career as an artist.

Starting with works on paper in gouache (an opaque watercolor paint), he progressed to large acrylic paintings on unstretched canvas displayed as scrolls with wooden hanger bars.

Gallery 1 ~ Large acrylic paintings on canvas ~ 1998 - present.

'Tapestry' scrolls (unstretched canvas hung on wooden hanger bars).

Gallery 2 ~ Small acrylic paintings on canvas ~ 1996 - present. Some scrolls, some in traditional archival window mats.

Gallery 3 ~ Gouache paintings on paper ~ 1993 - 1994.


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