Ke Kilo Hoku. (The star watcher).

2002. Technical pen and India ink on paper ~ 4" x 11".Matted and framed in black aluminum with non-glare plexiglas.
Private collection, Washington DC.

On an October evening in 2001, I sat alone near the top of Mauna Loa watching the full moon rise. Minutes before, I had watched the planet Mercury set in the west. 4000 feet below me, over the Saddle, lay a blanket of cloud completely obscuring the world below. Above the clouds, like islands in the sky, rose Mauna Loa, Mount Hualalai, Haleakala (Maui), and Mauna Kea. The constellation Cassiopeia rose to the right of the North Star as the Big Dipper set behind Maui.

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