Cape Kumukahi - View Looking West. 2002. Acrylic on masonite ~ 19.5" x 46". Framed in black wood, satin finish. $2150

Situated at the easternmost tip of the Big Island, Cape Kumukahi was traditionally a place for observing the sky and the passage of the seasons. Although popularly associated with its eastward view toward the sunrise, the Cape also commands an impressive and suggestive view of the western skyline. On the summer solstice, the sun sets directly below the summit of Mauna Kea, and on the winter solstice, the sun sets directly below Pu‘u Honuaula, seen through the middle of Green Mountain in the foreground. Did Hawaiians use the alignment of these features to keep track of the passage of time?
In this image, the paths of the sun as it would set on the solstices as well as on the spring and fall equinoxes are indicated at 10 minute intervals. The grid lines in the foreground draw you attention to the points at which the sun sets on the solstices.

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