The Artist - Resume

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Dec. 2002         Wailoa Center, Hilo, Hawaii – Art, Science and the Humanities.                           From celestial archaeological alignments to geology and                           astronomy: an inter-disciplinary interpretation of Hawaii Island's                           natural and cultural heritage.


June 2002         Earth & Sky. Volcano Art Center, Volcano, Hawaii. An
                          exploration and interpretation of Hawaii's land and sky.
2002     solo      Hawaii County Council Offices.
2001-2002        Lyman Museum, Hilo, Hawaii. Mauna Kea the Temple.
2001-2002 solo Gemini Observatory, Hilo, Hawaii.
Ongoing            UH-Hilo Astronomy Lab website.
2001     solo      Hilo Yacht Club.
2000     solo      East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, Hawaii.
                           "Islands in the Sea, Islands in the Sky".
2000                 East Hawaii Cultural Center - Juried Art Exhibition.
2000                  Big Island Arts Guild Fall Arts Festival, Hilo, Hawaii.
1999-2000 solo WM Keck Observatory, Waimea, Hawaii.
1999                 First prize painting, BIAG Fall Arts Festival, Hilo, Hawaii.
1997     solo      East Hawaii Cultural Center - Centerstage Gallery.
1997     solo      Office of the Mayor of Hawaii County.
1996     solo      Volcano Art Center.
1994                 Washington Center for Photography, Washington D.C.
1994                 Arts Club of Washington D.C. "The New Pictorialists".
1992                 UN Summit on the Environment - Worldwide Photo
                           Competition, Professional Division. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1990     solo      Law offices of Arnold & Porter, Washington DC.
1988                  Tartt Gallery, Washington DC.
1988-1989 solo Dakota, Washington DC.


1996-Present    Professional artist.
1996                  Moved to Hawaii.
1988-1996        Schelling Tidmarsh Photography, Washington D.C.
1984-1988        BFA Photography Corcoran School of Art, Washington D.C.
1983                 Independent Study, Maine Photographic Workshops.
1982-1983        Foundations Program, Maine Photographic Workshops.
1981                 Moved to mainland United States.
1977-1980        Music Exhibition Scholarship, Wycliffe College, UK.
1975                 Moved to Indonesia.
1964                 Born in Trinidad, West Indies.



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