Aloha, and welcome to Islands in the, online showcase for the art of Dominic Tidmarsh.

Dominic is a professional artist living and working on the Big Island of Hawaii. His artwork, for the last 20 years, has focused on the landscapes and phenomena of the natural world.

From his childhood days in the Caribbean, through subsequent years of living in Indonesia, Great Britain and the United States, Dominic’s experiences and interests in the arts, sciences and humanities have developed into a "unique and rare" form of art*.

Working primarily in acrylic paint, his images draw together elements from various fields of study, most notably astronomy, archaeoastronomy and geology. Acrylic paint allows for a steady buildup of the complex interactive layers and textures that form the characteristic foundation for his paintings. Within these layers he relies frequently on optical blending – the eye’s tendency to see two colors placed side by side as an entirely new third color. View the painting from a distance and you see areas of color, but move in closely and you will see that they are richly detailed and complex.

Recently, Dominic has begun creating pen and ink drawings using the technical pen and India ink. Working along similar subject lines, they represent a natural extension from the painting. With layered textures, and intricate details, they allow an exceptional level of detail and intricacy.

Dominic's artwork has been officially recognized by the Royal Order of Kamehameha, and has been exhibited at the WM Keck Observatory and the Gemini Observatory on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Earth and Sky

A solo exhibition of drawings and paintings shown in 2002 at the Volcano Art Center Gallery, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Highlighted in a feature article in the Hawaii Tribune Herald, June 21, 2002.
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Earth and Sky - acrylic on canvas
44 1/2" x 20" $2,450

Several of Dominic's original works, as well as prints and cards are available at the Volcano Art Center Gallery. Call 967-7565 for details


Featured art - University of Hawaii at Hilo Astronomy Lab website.

Cape Kumukahi - View Looking West. Acrylic on masonite. 19 1/2"x46"
The painting marks the passage of the sun on the winter and summer solstices and on the equinoxes.

"Ke Kilo Hoku" (the Star Watcher). Technical pen and India ink on paper.
A lone star gazer sits atop Mauna Loa. The volcanos; Hualalai, Haleakala and Mauna Kea rise above the clouds like islands in the sky.


Mountains in the Milky Way, 2001.
(Painting - Gallery 2).


Cover photo, Hawaii Tribune Herald, June 2000.

  This site is divided into 6 main sections as follows :
  • Painting: works on paper and canvas from 1993 to the present, with an upcoming section on drawings.
  • Sculpture: landscape sculptures including the topographically accurate model of snow-capped Mauna Kea.
  • Photography: from 1982 to the present, fine art and professional photography. Volcanos, skies, travel, people.
  • The Artist: Concepts, pictures, writings, bio, and more.

    Sections begin with an introduction to the artwork, and progress into a series of picture galleries showing more detailed examples.

  • Purchases and Commissions:original works available direct from the artist or through commercial galleries.
  • Prints and Cards: of selected works are now available. Individually printed and signed by the artist using archival ink on acid free 100% cotton fine art paper. A complete listing of items - available direct, or through select retail outlets.
* The term "unique and rare" was used by a professional interpretive designer to describe Dominic's artwork upon viewing his portfolio for the first time in 2001.

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